Radiation Protection Today - Winter 2022 Issue 4 | Page 37


Looking for Gifts ? Here are some of the hottest presents in town
It ' s interesting to see commercially available items from years gone by . Thankfully advances in science and understanding has made such items largely historical rather than common-place .
Once upon a time radium was quite the thing to use in all manner of lotions , such as these Radior Toilet Requisites , for ' actual betterment ' of the skin . You could choose from vanishing cream , night cream , rouge , talcum powder , skin soap , hair tonic and shampoo powder .
1930s postcard of the Hotel Radium Hot Springs in Albany .
Radium cigarettes ? Or maybe not . It ' s thought the name was used to signify quality .
Doramad toothpaste contained thorium and claimed to provide antibacterial action , increase defences in the mouth and polish enamel to the softest shiny white .
Young scientists would have been delighted with Gilbert ' s Atomic Energy Lab , enabling them to watch alpha particles travel at 12,000 miles per second ! All radioactive materials included were certified as completely safe by Oak-Ridge Laboratories .
Radiation Protection Today Winter 2022
It seems hard to believe that a Lone Ranger Atomic Bomb Ring , containing genuine polonium , was available for just 15 cents plus a cereal box top . Maybe not what you have in mind when looking for a bit of bling ?