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Cleaning up the past The 20th century saw a rapid expansion in uses of the newly discovered phenomenon of radioactivity . Recognition of the need to protect society from the harmful effects of radiation developed more slowly . It was not until the late 1980s , with the growth in environmental awareness and moves to privatise the UK energy sector , that thoughts began to turn towards the need to deal with the legacy contamination issues .

This issue of Radiation Protection Today features articles on the theme of decommissioning . Radium was the first radioactive element to be used on an industrial scale , and we have an article on its history and widespread legacy . Lessons from History highlights one of the key challenges in decommissioning legacy facilities , the difficulty of obtaining records .
The nuclear sector presents some of the most complex decommissioning challenges due to the scale of radiation hazards . We have an article on progress in decommissioning some of the highest hazard facilities at Sellafield , and another on developments in the use of mobile robotics in decommissioning .
The need to optimise waste generation and disposal is a key factor in decommissioning . There is an article describing the characterisation process , and another on the use of autonomous systems for radiological characterisation . Words from the Wise discusses the challenges of monitoring tritium . We also have an informative piece on decontamination techniques .
Elsewhere , the central role of the Linear Non- Threshold Model in radiological protection is discussed , and the Specialist Spotlight falls on non-ionising radiation .
Finally , why not take a look at our handy guide to some of the hottest products which could have been bought in years gone by . They are definitely not recommended by Radiation Protection Today !
Trevor Jones - Editor
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10 Ask SRP 11 Lessons from History : Decommissioning
Non-Nuclear Facilities
16 Characterisation
30 Specialist Spotlight : Non-Ionising Radiation
34 Latest from Legs and Regs
4 Letters to the Editor 5 Decontamination Techniques 8 Mobile Robotics in Nuclear Decommissioning
13 Decommissioning Progress at Sellafield Site
18 Autonomous Systems for Radiological
Characterisation during Decommissioning 19 Radiation Clicks 20 The Legacy of Radium Contamination 23 Radiological Decontamination and
Decommissioning of a Life Sciences Facility 26 Words from the Wise : Challenge of Tritium
Contamination Monitoring 28 In the Hot Seat : Roger Coates OBE
32 Opinion : The Linear Non-Threshold doseresponse model for cancer
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