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The employer should appoint a specialist contractor to carry out remedial works , such as installing a radon sump or utilising air management techniques to lower the radon concentration in the building . Radon testing must then be repeated to confirm that the

3 levels have fallen below 300 Bq / m , and IRR17 will no longer apply . You should also consider testing your home if you live in a radon Affected Area .
Each year The UK Radon Association leads Radon Awareness Week in November . You can find lots of resources from 2021 and before at : https :// radonweek . co . uk / More information on radon and a list of specialist suppliers can be found at www . radonassociation . co . uk and at UKHSA www . ukradon . org .
HSE Regulatory Update – Radon and Working from Home With more employees now working from home , employers must ensure that they have considered their responsibilities with regard to radon . A summary of matters to consider was presented by James Taylor , Principal Specialist Inspector for Radiation at HSE , during this year ’ s Radon Awareness Week and his presentation is available to view on YouTube .
Future Specialist Spotlight Articles We welcome contributions from sectors such as safety cases , shielding or radiochemistry for example . If you would like to contribute by sharing your work , your career profile or recent updates in these or a similar field please email the Editorial Team at RPToday @ srp-uk . org .
The UK Radon Association is a not-for-profit , professional organisation of members who are dedicated to the highest standard of excellence and ethical performance of radon measurement , radon mitigation and transfer of radon information for the benefit of members , consumers and the wider public .
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