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I would seek out information on the source involved e . g . the radionuclide and the source activity . Radiation dose rates from the unshielded source could then be calculated using a point source calculation providing information about anticipated dose rates to be exposed to when entering the walled enclosure .
Initial confirmation monitoring outside the walled enclosure and use of a cell camera should be undertaken before identifying and executing any contingency plan .
received and the methods taken to ensure the work was ALARP .
Finally , following a successful outcome , a report would be issued and used for operational feedback and future learning .
How you would monitor radiation safely today – a RadEye extension pole which allows you to detect radiation from a distance ( image kindly provided by Phoenix Dosimetry ).
Assuming the source is exposed inside the cell , I would detect the exact source location within the exposure mechanism and attempt to apply shielding ( lead shot or blanket ) if possible . I would observe any change in actual dose rates . Only persons trained in the identified plan with the correct equipment would perform the actual source recovery .
All entries would require a work permit , radiological risk assessment on the work planned , the estimated dose which would be
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